The End Of The World Comes To Snodland.

I was hoping to get some shots of the carnival and funfair this month but it was very crowded which was good for Snodland and the stall holders but didn't make for any artistic photographs, sorry!  Some of the amazing skies we've had lately anyone would think the end of the world is coming.  Here's a photo taken in my back garden last night.....

Snodland Sky

I also took this photo in the recreation ground the other day.  I see we have a new play area too.

Recreation Ground

Is this bench running downhill?  I think it's an optical illusion.

Bench, Snodland

Scruff has been up to his normal tricks, a bit of warm weather and he lays in any water or mud he can find to cool himself down.

Muddy Scruff

I normally leave him to clean himself up but on this occasion I had to shower him down or he would have rubbed it all off on the furniture.

Lots of damselflies about down the lakes and marshes at the moment and I managed to blunder in on a very personal moment with my camera.

Mating Damsels

I see they've boarded up the Snodland train signal box, I wonder how many years that has been there.  The end of an era and a sign of the times.

Snodland signal box.

What happened to the caravan at the Wimpy drive thru?  Although there's nothing left of the Wimpy now apart from that pile of rubble.

Wimpy Drive Thru, Snodland.

That's July for you, If I see anything exciting I'll photograph it and show you.