The End Of Summer.

Blimey!  Where did summer go?  It's done nothing but rain all weekend, I'm hoping it'll fill the reservoirs then get back to giving us some more summer.  At least the clouds make for great photos.

I noticed the clouds were looking impressive and St. Benedict's Church in Paddlesworth was only a short detour from my route and I got this shot.

St. Benedict’s Church, Paddlesworth.

The other thing about all the wet weather is that toadstools thrive in it.  I was down the marshes and noticed this little collection of toadstools.  I say collection as I've failed to find the collective noun for toadstools.  These are Shaggy Ink Caps.

Shaggy Ink Cap Toadstool

I've not taken many interesting photos of Snodland but when I look at the next shot I hear someone saying "Honey!  The builder has arrived to quote the new extension!"

Horse, Snodland.

That's all for this update, see you again soon I hope.