Pink Cars And Cemeteries.

I was wandering past the cemetery this week and noticed a pink car and I decided it would make a good photo.  A bright pink cheering up a sad place, what do you think?  If you own the car and would like a print you can contact me via the website.

Pink Car.

Nice to see the sun out this week and it made a good background for Scruff to pose in this photo taken around Brookland's Lake.

Scruff At Brookland’s Lake.

We have had some rain which brought the snails out and kept them happy, this one saw me and decided to hide until I put the camera away.

Go Away!

It doesn't matter how often I walk down the Holborough Marshes I always enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes I struggle to find things new to photograph but the river looks so different every time you see it.

River Medway, Snodland.

Strawberries are out in my garden if I can get to them before that pesky snail up above.

Strawberry on white.

I took a photo of a flower and berries a few days back and it wasn't until I researched it that I found it to be Deadly Nightshade or one of that family.  Who would believe what grows wild around Snodland eh.

Deadly Nightshade

Last but not least, this is a tiny flower and when researched it turned out to be Scarlet Pimpernel.

Scarlet Pimpernel

Finishing with that bit of summer colour.  I'll update when I get something interesting guys.

See you soon.