Long Time No Update!

I was heading out on a dog walk with my camera today when Scruff got recognised.  Not me, Scruff!  He'd been recognised from this blog and it made me realise that I hadn't updated it in a long while.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far and maybe that means summer is finally on its way.  That may help prompt me into updating my blog more often.  I've still been out taking photos but I've not had any incentive to upload them to the blog.

Here's a couple of recent photos just to show we've still been wandering the streets of Snodland.  First photo is Townsend Hook from what I call the front.

Townsend Hook

The above photograph can be purchased online here.  River View.

This next one is what I call the back of Townsend Hook.

Townsend Hook

I thought this was amusing, I had visions of a man shouting "Honey, I've fixed the fence!"  One of my Flickr contacts suggested that it may be a repair to the lamppost and with our council workers they could be right.  I'll say it just so I don't get hate mail....  Not all our council workers are lazy.

Fence Repair

Here's a photo of the bridge at Snodland train station.

Snodland Train Station

And here's the bridge over the by-pass.

Snodland Bypass Bridge.

I thought this was an interesting photo taken at Brooklands Lake....

Dumper Truck

Just to finish off with a bit of colour here's a shot looking towards Paddlesworth over a field of rape.


I'll try and update a little more often over the summer.... I promise!