Fallen Fruit.

The harvest is in and fruit is falling off the trees, the weather has changed and the nights are turning up earlier and earlier every day.  Where did our summer go?  Is that it?  I noticed that there is another crop already sprouting in a field that was full of rape earlier this year.  I suppose the farmers have to get as much out of their fields as possible.  The apples are falling off the trees now and I noticed this apple sitting in a beam of light.

Fallen Fruit, Snodland.

All our vibrant insects will disappear for the winter but at least I managed to capture this shot over the past couple of weeks.

Dragonfly, Snodland.

I was wandering over Paddlesworth the other day and I love the old farm buildings there, I would really like to have the chance of taking some photographs of them.  I did take this shot over the wall the other day.

Paddlesworth Farm Buildings.

Do you think this baby has had an argument with their Dad?  This dummy/pacifier was on the floor down the lakes.


Just one final shot of the fields over Birling way, hay bales and a nice summer scene just to remind you how great it's been over the last month or so….  We easily forget.

Hay Bales, Snodland.