Did you survive the storm?

It got a bit blustery the other night, all the warnings and build up to it over the previous few days I thought it was going to be worse.  I think we were lucky and it dodged by us.  I did hear it whistling down the chimney though.

It was very nice at 7AM the following morning as this photo of Dryland Road and Birling Road shows….

Snodland After The Storm

I think Scruff was worried that Mary Poppins hadn’t survived the storm…

Scruff with Mary Poppins' umbrella

I was down at Brookland’s lake the other day and I noticed this painting, I call it a painting but the company that painted it call it graffiti.  It’s a shame they’ve had to make a hole in it for some reason, if only all graffiti was this intricate rather than just a tag.

Graffiti Snodland

While I was wandering I also noticed there’s some new silos gone up at the sewage works….

Sewage works, Snodland.

That’s about all for the moment.  It’s the Snodland fireworks this week, I keep meaning to get there with my camera so maybe this year.  See you soon.