The clocks changed today but nobody told my body clock.  An early start to the day, I wonder if I'll get any more done?  I doubt it.

Went for another trip to Hemsted Forest this week to try and get some Autumn pictures.  A very good trip out and an improvement on last time when we got rained on so much we gave up.  If you go to the above website the picture you see on the front page is one of mine....  Well it is at the time of writing.


Hemsted Forest


Autumn Leaves

Hemsted Forest

Halloween is coming up this week, don't forget to turn all your lights off and hide behind the sofa until all the trick or treaters have gone to bed.  One of the groups on Flickr has a theme of "Spooky" this week, if you're an egg and you sense something coming up behind you then this could be spooky....

Scared Egg

The above photo is available to buy here….  Scared Egg

Now I must get on with something a little more productive so I don't waste the extra hour I've been given, thanks to my body clock!