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Halloween and fireworks.

Snodland fireworks night was on the same night as Halloween this year and I think that kept the annoying teenagers from knocking on doors demanding sweets and more.  It's not the same friendly trick or treating that happens in the USA.  I did think about taking my camera and getting some firework and funfair photos but I would have needed to use a tripod and I didn't think it would be tripod friendly at the funfair.  So it's the same old boring snaps I'm afraid.

The weather stayed dry for the fireworks and the funfair which is great, it's not been so good for the rest of the week.  Indoor photography abounds this week but I've been wanting to get some photos taken for a while.

I got these love hearts at a wedding reception a while back and kept them to photograph them......

Love Heart

One of the groups I submit pictures to had a theme of symmetry, not sure how peas came into my head but they can be symmetrical you know.....

Symmetry (Peas)

It's not been bad weather all week and we've managed to get out and wander the countryside.  There's some great autumn colours out and about at the moment.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Sycamore

Windfall Apple

Yes, I did have Scruff with me....


All the damp weather is still giving us some lovely toadstools....


Broken Toadstool

That's about it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the Snodland fireworks and had a safe fireworks night of your own.