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The clocks changed today but nobody told my body clock.  An early start to the day, I wonder if I'll get any more done?  I doubt it.

Went for another trip to Hemsted Forest this week to try and get some Autumn pictures.  A very good trip out and an improvement on last time when we got rained on so much we gave up.  If you go to the above website the picture you see on the front page is one of mine....  Well it is at the time of writing.


Hemsted Forest


Autumn Leaves

Hemsted Forest

Halloween is coming up this week, don't forget to turn all your lights off and hide behind the sofa until all the trick or treaters have gone to bed.  One of the groups on Flickr has a theme of "Spooky" this week, if you're an egg and you sense something coming up behind you then this could be spooky....

Scared Egg

The above photo is available to buy here….  Scared Egg

Now I must get on with something a little more productive so I don't waste the extra hour I've been given, thanks to my body clock!


Mugged!  I was attacked today whilst walking around Tesco.....  By a pork pie.  Not just a normal pork pie but one of those vicious Melton Mowbray type.  I managed to fend it off and I can guarantee there wasn't much left of it when I'd finished with it.  I doubt it'll attack anyone else.

Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

I've been looking out for a Fly Agaric Toadstool for about a month now.  Today I went to work without my camera and there they were on the customer's lawn, loads of them.  I grabbed a couple of pictures with my mobile phone but I'll just have to keep looking for them when I've got my camera on me, certainly a lesson learnt.

Fly Agaric Toadstool

Fly Agaric Toadstool

Misty mornings this week and  chance to get out for a wander along the Pilgrims Way and get a few photos.  It was hard to capture the mist and atmosphere though.

Misty Morning

Don't worry, Scruff wasn't left at home.....

Scruff Border Terrier

Colder With More Rain.

It's now getting colder and nights are drawing in even more.  We've had plenty of rain this week but Tesco are trying to cheer me up.....

Chcolate cake

I'm not sure what they're trying to do to me, first of all they gave me a voucher for a free tub of Haagen Dazs ice cream, then they gave me a voucher for a free 200g bar of Cadbury's chocolate.  Now they've given me a voucher for a Tesco's Finest Chocolate Cake.  I'm amazed that it was in the house over twelve hours before I lost all willpower and tucked in.

Thankfully I've been wandering around Snodland burning off all the calories that Tesco's are trying to add to my waistline.


More berries

A couple of people have mentioned that the above photo reminds them of Christmas, reds and greens!  No, No, and again No!  It's too early to start talking about Christmas, although TV adverts have already started mentioning it.

I watched a video this week about how to take photos of water droplets, here's the results....

Water Drop

Droplet Crown

I'm pleased with them!

It's getting colder and some creatures are trying to hide away....


While others have been out and about when you think they should be hiding away.....


Maybe hibernation is the way to go, maybe I should stop wandering the streets.  If there's no update next week you know I'm in hibernation.

Another week nearer winter.

It's got cold this week, just reminds me that winter is on its way.  Dark mornings and dark evenings with hardly any light in between.  Less time to wander the lakes and marshes.

I noticed that the farmers are still working like crazy to get crops in the ground.  Gone are the days that a field only grew one crop a year.

Snodland tractor.

Some times the weather has been so bad I've resorted to indoor photography.

Stripey toothpaste.

Scruff would be prefer to be outside though and indoor photography doesn't keep him entertained.  At least with the damp weather there's plenty of mushrooms and toadstools to photograph.


Mum and baby toadstool.

The damp weather also keeps the toads happy, this little fellow was hiding under my rubbish bin.

Little toad and finger.