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Escape the grip of Snodland.

What awful weather we're having!  If this is winter coming then I'm staying in until spring!

Not that I'd be allowed to stay in, Scruff wouldn't let me stay home.  He'll lay there looking at me with eyes that say "When are we going out then?".  It's hard to ignore him.... 

Scruff's staring eyes!

I managed to escape the clutches of Snodland this week.  It was supposed to be a sunset/dusk photo shoot.  We nearly cancelled it due to the weather being so awful but decided at the last minute to give it a go.  The cloud was just too thick to get any decent sunset shots though.

Sunset at Linton in Kent.

On the way back to the car I decided to take a few shots of the church and buildings in Linton and here's the results.  Spot the moon rising above the house.

Night time in Linton, Kent.

Car headlights streaming past during an eight second exposure.

Lorry and car headlights on Linton Hill in Kent.

The high level lights were lights above the cab of a lorry.

A successful end to the shoot which made it all worthwhile.  And at least I escaped from Snodland, even if it was only for a short while.

More Fungi? Or the same one?

Whilst wandering around Brooklands Lake the other day I got to the same spot with the Mushrooms/Fungi and I think the previous fungi has grown into an adult.  It's boomed into quite a specimen.

Fungi or mushroom?

Fungi or mushroom?

While the weather is still holding up I've wandered around the Holborough Marshes this week too.

Kent Trust

No pictures of the dog this week, he's steering clear of the camera although I did capture him a couple of times but don't tell him.  Let's just keep him out of this post shall we.

Rusty steel and ivy.


Okay, just to prove me wrong Scruff got in the water today....  But he still didn't swim.  I think he read the earlier blog and thought "I'll show him!" but bottled out of swimming at the last minute.  He often goes in this far just to cool down and today was no exception.

Scruff takes a dip.

I found some fungi today, I think it's proof that winter is on its way.  We're already officially in autumn, I think autumn starts on September 1st.  The heavy dew in the morning has maybe set the mushrooms and toadstools off as it's still quite warm in the daytime.

Mushroom or Toadstool?

It certainly was an impressive display.


Sparkly shoes!

We were walking in Birling Road on Sunday and Scruff found a shoe.  He started his shoe fetish with the odd trainer the he found down by the river, a few blogs back there's a picture of him with a wedge shoe.  Now he's moved on to a classier style, high heels with diamond encrusted heels.  I'm not sure where he can go from here, maybe he'll starting looking for designer names.

When I got near to him to photograph his antics he gave me a look which said "It's my shoe and you can't have it!"

Anyone who lost a shoe in Birling Road with sparkly heels, the bad news is that Scruff has demolished it.  Although it was in a bad condition to start with, I think the owner had been in a drunken stupor and scraped them on every kerb and fence en route.  I look forward to cleaning up sparkly diamond encrusted poos in the near future.

Vapour Trails.

Looking out of my window I see a sky full of vapour trails, I'm wishing I was heading off on a holiday somewhere.  Although we're having some lovely weather at the moment as the blue sky in the photo below shows.  Great weather doesn't mean a relaxing time though and how nice would it be to be relaxing by a pool in a foreign land without the phone ringing.  And even if it does ring you can just ignore it, sounds heavenly!

Sloe Gin Time!

Another wander around the marshes today and I noticed that the sloes are on the trees now, so if you want sloe gin at Christmas you need to get ready for picking your sloes.  I did it last year and it takes a bit of time to collect them but it's worth the effort.  I know it's a bit early to be thinking of Christmas but you'll be thanking me come the day.

Sloes ready for sloe gin.

Scruff found a shoe and decided to tear it up.  If he doesn't find a ball he'll make do with anything he finds so he ended up bringing the shoe all the way home to finish it off in the back garden.

Scruff chews shoes!