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Summer is finally here!  And so is the circus, as I walked past the cricket ground this weekend there was a clown behind the circus tent.  I grabbed a couple of shots and then he noticed me and smiled for the camera.

Behind The Circus Tent.

I was looking for an industrial photo and Townsend Hook always comes up with the goods.

Townsend Hook Silos.

The above photograph is available to buy online here.  Industrial Silos.

I was wandering past the pizza place the other day and I thought the delivery car number plate said "TIN CAN", it's not far off.

Tin Can Smart Car.

Just over the road there's a more impressive front end, it may be a bit confusing at first sight until you work out that the bonnet is up, reflecting the house opposite and the clouds.

Chevrolet Corvette

With the warm days we've had the wheat crop has been harvested, I got a few photos before the combine harvester took the wheat away.

Wheat Field, Snodland.

And as the combine was working.


I think that's enough photos for this time.  There's been an abundance of wildlife about to photograph and I'll post those next time if nothing interesting happens.