Another Week.

What a miserable week!  Not me, the weather.  Although that makes me feel miserable too.

It's still warm enough for Scruff to cool himself down....

Scruff cooling down.

And our British nature will warm you up and make you smile, especially when poppies are starting to show in the fields around Snodland now.

Poppy in a field of rape.

I did escape from Snodland this week, nowhere exotic.  I found myself in Gravesend, maybe that is exotic for you?  Took Scruff for a walk along the river front there.  Someone on Flickr has told me they'll be a lot more large container ships on the Thames when the new port opens up.  The swans won't mind as long as they keep their distance.

Ships And Swans.

I did get over Holborough Marshes this week and got attacked by mosquitos.  There was plenty of wildlife about, I keep trying to get a shot of the herons over there and failing.  The slower critters are easier to capture.  Like this male Azure Damselfly.

Male Azure Damselfly

And this thick legged flower beetle.


Yesterday it was very windy but we had great skies.

Playground, Snodland.

Scruff and I will keep wandering and if I have anything exciting to report I'll let you know.