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I wander around Snodland with my dog and camera most days. I'm going to start writing about it here and adding a few photos taken along the way.

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Did you survive the storm?

It got a bit blustery the other night, all the warnings and build up to it over the previous few days I thought it was going to be worse.  I think we were lucky and it dodged by us.  I did hear it whistling down the chimney though.

It was very nice at 7AM the following morning as this photo of Dryland Road and Birling Road shows….

Snodland After The Storm

I think Scruff was worried that Mary Poppins hadn’t survived the storm…

Scruff with Mary Poppins' umbrella

I was down at Brookland’s lake the other day and I noticed this painting, I call it a painting but the company that painted it call it graffiti.  It’s a shame they’ve had to make a hole in it for some reason, if only all graffiti was this intricate rather than just a tag.

Graffiti Snodland

While I was wandering I also noticed there’s some new silos gone up at the sewage works….

Sewage works, Snodland.

That’s about all for the moment.  It’s the Snodland fireworks this week, I keep meaning to get there with my camera so maybe this year.  See you soon.

The End Of Summer.

Blimey!  Where did summer go?  It's done nothing but rain all weekend, I'm hoping it'll fill the reservoirs then get back to giving us some more summer.  At least the clouds make for great photos.

I noticed the clouds were looking impressive and St. Benedict's Church in Paddlesworth was only a short detour from my route and I got this shot.

St. Benedict’s Church, Paddlesworth.

The other thing about all the wet weather is that toadstools thrive in it.  I was down the marshes and noticed this little collection of toadstools.  I say collection as I've failed to find the collective noun for toadstools.  These are Shaggy Ink Caps.

Shaggy Ink Cap Toadstool

I've not taken many interesting photos of Snodland but when I look at the next shot I hear someone saying "Honey!  The builder has arrived to quote the new extension!"

Horse, Snodland.

That's all for this update, see you again soon I hope.

Fallen Fruit.

The harvest is in and fruit is falling off the trees, the weather has changed and the nights are turning up earlier and earlier every day.  Where did our summer go?  Is that it?  I noticed that there is another crop already sprouting in a field that was full of rape earlier this year.  I suppose the farmers have to get as much out of their fields as possible.  The apples are falling off the trees now and I noticed this apple sitting in a beam of light.

Fallen Fruit, Snodland.

All our vibrant insects will disappear for the winter but at least I managed to capture this shot over the past couple of weeks.

Dragonfly, Snodland.

I was wandering over Paddlesworth the other day and I love the old farm buildings there, I would really like to have the chance of taking some photographs of them.  I did take this shot over the wall the other day.

Paddlesworth Farm Buildings.

Do you think this baby has had an argument with their Dad?  This dummy/pacifier was on the floor down the lakes.


Just one final shot of the fields over Birling way, hay bales and a nice summer scene just to remind you how great it's been over the last month or so….  We easily forget.

Hay Bales, Snodland.


Summer is finally here!  And so is the circus, as I walked past the cricket ground this weekend there was a clown behind the circus tent.  I grabbed a couple of shots and then he noticed me and smiled for the camera.

Behind The Circus Tent.

I was looking for an industrial photo and Townsend Hook always comes up with the goods.

Townsend Hook Silos.

The above photograph is available to buy online here.  Industrial Silos.

I was wandering past the pizza place the other day and I thought the delivery car number plate said "TIN CAN", it's not far off.

Tin Can Smart Car.

Just over the road there's a more impressive front end, it may be a bit confusing at first sight until you work out that the bonnet is up, reflecting the house opposite and the clouds.

Chevrolet Corvette

With the warm days we've had the wheat crop has been harvested, I got a few photos before the combine harvester took the wheat away.

Wheat Field, Snodland.

And as the combine was working.


I think that's enough photos for this time.  There's been an abundance of wildlife about to photograph and I'll post those next time if nothing interesting happens.

The End Of The World Comes To Snodland.

I was hoping to get some shots of the carnival and funfair this month but it was very crowded which was good for Snodland and the stall holders but didn't make for any artistic photographs, sorry!  Some of the amazing skies we've had lately anyone would think the end of the world is coming.  Here's a photo taken in my back garden last night.....

Snodland Sky

I also took this photo in the recreation ground the other day.  I see we have a new play area too.

Recreation Ground

Is this bench running downhill?  I think it's an optical illusion.

Bench, Snodland

Scruff has been up to his normal tricks, a bit of warm weather and he lays in any water or mud he can find to cool himself down.

Muddy Scruff

I normally leave him to clean himself up but on this occasion I had to shower him down or he would have rubbed it all off on the furniture.

Lots of damselflies about down the lakes and marshes at the moment and I managed to blunder in on a very personal moment with my camera.

Mating Damsels

I see they've boarded up the Snodland train signal box, I wonder how many years that has been there.  The end of an era and a sign of the times.

Snodland signal box.

What happened to the caravan at the Wimpy drive thru?  Although there's nothing left of the Wimpy now apart from that pile of rubble.

Wimpy Drive Thru, Snodland.

That's July for you, If I see anything exciting I'll photograph it and show you.

Pink Cars And Cemeteries.

I was wandering past the cemetery this week and noticed a pink car and I decided it would make a good photo.  A bright pink cheering up a sad place, what do you think?  If you own the car and would like a print you can contact me via the website.

Pink Car.

Nice to see the sun out this week and it made a good background for Scruff to pose in this photo taken around Brookland's Lake.

Scruff At Brookland’s Lake.

We have had some rain which brought the snails out and kept them happy, this one saw me and decided to hide until I put the camera away.

Go Away!

It doesn't matter how often I walk down the Holborough Marshes I always enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes I struggle to find things new to photograph but the river looks so different every time you see it.

River Medway, Snodland.

Strawberries are out in my garden if I can get to them before that pesky snail up above.

Strawberry on white.

I took a photo of a flower and berries a few days back and it wasn't until I researched it that I found it to be Deadly Nightshade or one of that family.  Who would believe what grows wild around Snodland eh.

Deadly Nightshade

Last but not least, this is a tiny flower and when researched it turned out to be Scarlet Pimpernel.

Scarlet Pimpernel

Finishing with that bit of summer colour.  I'll update when I get something interesting guys.

See you soon.

Another Week.

What a miserable week!  Not me, the weather.  Although that makes me feel miserable too.

It's still warm enough for Scruff to cool himself down....

Scruff cooling down.

And our British nature will warm you up and make you smile, especially when poppies are starting to show in the fields around Snodland now.

Poppy in a field of rape.

I did escape from Snodland this week, nowhere exotic.  I found myself in Gravesend, maybe that is exotic for you?  Took Scruff for a walk along the river front there.  Someone on Flickr has told me they'll be a lot more large container ships on the Thames when the new port opens up.  The swans won't mind as long as they keep their distance.

Ships And Swans.

I did get over Holborough Marshes this week and got attacked by mosquitos.  There was plenty of wildlife about, I keep trying to get a shot of the herons over there and failing.  The slower critters are easier to capture.  Like this male Azure Damselfly.

Male Azure Damselfly

And this thick legged flower beetle.


Yesterday it was very windy but we had great skies.

Playground, Snodland.

Scruff and I will keep wandering and if I have anything exciting to report I'll let you know.

Long Time No Update!

I was heading out on a dog walk with my camera today when Scruff got recognised.  Not me, Scruff!  He'd been recognised from this blog and it made me realise that I hadn't updated it in a long while.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far and maybe that means summer is finally on its way.  That may help prompt me into updating my blog more often.  I've still been out taking photos but I've not had any incentive to upload them to the blog.

Here's a couple of recent photos just to show we've still been wandering the streets of Snodland.  First photo is Townsend Hook from what I call the front.

Townsend Hook

The above photograph can be purchased online here.  River View.

This next one is what I call the back of Townsend Hook.

Townsend Hook

I thought this was amusing, I had visions of a man shouting "Honey, I've fixed the fence!"  One of my Flickr contacts suggested that it may be a repair to the lamppost and with our council workers they could be right.  I'll say it just so I don't get hate mail....  Not all our council workers are lazy.

Fence Repair

Here's a photo of the bridge at Snodland train station.

Snodland Train Station

And here's the bridge over the by-pass.

Snodland Bypass Bridge.

I thought this was an interesting photo taken at Brooklands Lake....

Dumper Truck

Just to finish off with a bit of colour here's a shot looking towards Paddlesworth over a field of rape.


I'll try and update a little more often over the summer.... I promise!

Halloween and fireworks.

Snodland fireworks night was on the same night as Halloween this year and I think that kept the annoying teenagers from knocking on doors demanding sweets and more.  It's not the same friendly trick or treating that happens in the USA.  I did think about taking my camera and getting some firework and funfair photos but I would have needed to use a tripod and I didn't think it would be tripod friendly at the funfair.  So it's the same old boring snaps I'm afraid.

The weather stayed dry for the fireworks and the funfair which is great, it's not been so good for the rest of the week.  Indoor photography abounds this week but I've been wanting to get some photos taken for a while.

I got these love hearts at a wedding reception a while back and kept them to photograph them......

Love Heart

One of the groups I submit pictures to had a theme of symmetry, not sure how peas came into my head but they can be symmetrical you know.....

Symmetry (Peas)

It's not been bad weather all week and we've managed to get out and wander the countryside.  There's some great autumn colours out and about at the moment.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Sycamore

Windfall Apple

Yes, I did have Scruff with me....


All the damp weather is still giving us some lovely toadstools....


Broken Toadstool

That's about it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the Snodland fireworks and had a safe fireworks night of your own.


The clocks changed today but nobody told my body clock.  An early start to the day, I wonder if I'll get any more done?  I doubt it.

Went for another trip to Hemsted Forest this week to try and get some Autumn pictures.  A very good trip out and an improvement on last time when we got rained on so much we gave up.  If you go to the above website the picture you see on the front page is one of mine....  Well it is at the time of writing.


Hemsted Forest


Autumn Leaves

Hemsted Forest

Halloween is coming up this week, don't forget to turn all your lights off and hide behind the sofa until all the trick or treaters have gone to bed.  One of the groups on Flickr has a theme of "Spooky" this week, if you're an egg and you sense something coming up behind you then this could be spooky....

Scared Egg

The above photo is available to buy here….  Scared Egg

Now I must get on with something a little more productive so I don't waste the extra hour I've been given, thanks to my body clock!

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