I've owned and run this website for many years now and it's always had the history of Snodland and links to the Snodland museum etc.  I also had a letters page and received some very interesting letters from Snodlanders and ex-Snodlanders around the world.  In the past I've often put lost relatives in touch with each other.  Over the years the letter writers have failed to keep me updated with their new e-mail addresses and it's got tiresome trying to track them down when I get some information.

It's for that reason I decided to wipe the old site off and start again.  Does anyone here even want a letters page?  Do you want to have a shout about something?  Let me know.

I have various photographs taken around Snodland and most of them are available to buy online at my art website….

Gary Gillette Fine Art

You can follow my photography on Facebook if you prefer

Gary Gillette Photography

Photographs like the Snodland train station at night are available online

Snodland Train Station

Or the view of Townsend Hook…..

Townsend Hook

I also have my photographs for sale on Fine Art America and links to them can be found on the "Photographs" page.

If you prefer you can buy direct from me, just go to the "Contact Me" page and send me a message.